Mission Objective:

Student reaching for world-records while improving distance ballooning payload system design

High Tech HS (Eminus-1), WestView HS (Eminus-2)
West Chatham Middle School (Eminus-3 launching from East Coast on 3/28/13)

Flight Information:
Launch Location: (33.040822,-116.913596) Chuck Hall Aviation–P-51 Mustang Nest
Launch Time: March 20, 2013 @ 1700hrs PDT (5PM PDT/0000Z)
Touchdown Goal: 8500 miles! Central Mediterranean Sea Area (40.413496,9.074707)
Projected Cruising Altitude: 111,000 feet

Eminus Probe Configuration:
-Modified Byonics MT-RTG w/ 20 minute rate alternating US/Euro APRS config
-QFS MT-RTG “add-on shield” w/ frequency switching and MOSFET GPS power control.
-Byonics GPS4 High Altitude GPS (works to 85KM altitude)
-Venom LIPO Flight Pack 11.1v 2100-20c (Charges to 2650 mah & lasted 7 days during ground tests)
-Custom precision fill table (designed for autonomous operation)
-SolarCell and charging Interface (flying on Eminus-3,4,5)
-Eminus-5 had Satellite Communications and flew aboard ComSpace1




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